16 Mai

man´s toy in the woods

After 5 rolls of use I must say this camera is kind of a beast indeed.
It completely took me out of my photographer´s comfort zone.
I am sure you know what I mean. Being used to emphasize my subjects by selecting a shallow depth of field but still putting weight on a fitting blurred background I quickly found out that shooting with a Hasselblad XPan especially on other than landscape themes can be a real challenge in image composition. However, only challenges let you get ahead. I enjoy working with this camera a lot and am thrilled by it´s lens quality. Unfortunately the number of unfurnished walls in my home is limited….

click it big!


Hasselblad XPan – 5.6/30mm – Tri-X


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  1. und genau deshalb fahren wir ja auch damit :-)
    danke lieber Knut! Mach Du auch weiter so, gefällt mir bei Dir in Deiner schönen Werkstatt!


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